Joe's my name, games are my game!Literally. I love Sonic, Mario, Gradius, Donkey Kong Country, all that happy stuff. I blog whatever the hell I like. I also make my own games starring that cool dude in my icon, Scruffy. ♪ He's the best, beats the rest, cellular, modular, interactive-odular...♪Some say he's cute, some say he's badass, some say he's both!


Wonderful, September 1st, and I start school on the 2nd. At least it’s just a few more days till Smash Bros 3DS releases in Japan and at least I only have three days of classes a week (more like 2 1/2).
That and since I’m President His Royal Highness of the TechClub, maybe I can get a generation of Game Maker Studio experts started. I hope it doesn’t take forever to get a demo made of Scruffy The Stickman but I’ll definitely have one this coming semester.


I made these from the 3D Rotation videos found on the Sonic Art Assets DVD, which

is a disc containing 4GB of artwork from the classic Sonic games up to Sonic Unleashed. The disc would have been intended for use by magazines and merchandise producers, however a copy was obtained by drx and publicly released via torrent on 19 October 2009.

I decided to re-encode those rotation clips (MP4/H264 as usual) and upload them for you guys.

Here’s the dl link

im gonna go to bed at ten tonight

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Twenty million ABC 67 and three quarters


you’re incredibly rad. 

like , i’m really proud of what you do and what you’ve accomplished in the time we’ve known each other. you’re drive and passion are amazing and i really do look up to you. i just know you’ll have a great future with it!!

You too son, you too, all I gotta say. Thank you, son. Thank you more than uh…the secret I-don’t-know-man of Switzerland, and you really can’t think more than him.




This is the best ASL Bucket Challenge I’ve seen so far.

what had me cracking up was the way the mask deflated at the end

danced their way back into our hearts

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You’re one of my favorites, you have a great sense of humor, especially in your tags. Also thanks so much for the Scruffy support! That shit ain’t easy…


You sir are awesome. It’s rare to see someone as nice and caring as you. That and you actually have seen the Twisted Tales of Felix, that shoots up your credibility tenfold.